What We Do

Titus Capital LLC provides debt and equity financing across a broad spectrum of real estate asset classes, with the ability to participate in all components of the capital structure. Titus’ ability to underwrite and structure complex transactions, combined with our flexible capital and national reach, enables our team to customize innovative financial strategies to meet the needs of commercial real estate developers and sophisticated investors.

Real Estate Private Equity Investment Approach

Investment Strategy

Titus Capital LLC pursues real estate investments that provide capital appreciation as well as reoccurring income distributions in a diversified portfolio of equity and debt based assets. The management team focuses on several key components:

Operating Partners

Local operating partner relationships are a central role in Titus Capital’s real estate development and acquisition strategy. Partnership structures with operating partners vary based on projected asset returns and the value-add component. We seek the following important attributes in operating partner relationships:

  • Local market knowledge and presence, providing valuable insight through due diligence, leasing, and property management
  • A track record of providing proprietary real estate investment opportunities through lightly marketed and off market real estate investment opportunities
  • Value creation and performance at the local level, which is especially crucial on redevelopment or development real estate investment opportunities

Direct Investment

Titus Capital LLC is also an active buyer of properties on a direct basis. For additional detail, please see our Investment Criteria.

Advantage for Operators/Developers:

We develop relationships with long term operating partners with whom Titus Capital can do repeat business.

Our team brings an entrepreneurial approach to investing such that decisions can be made quickly.

Our senior management team does not overburden our operating partners with burdensome processes and procedures that add no value to the investment process.

Titus Capital has the ability to invest in both short and longer term investments as a limited partner or as a general partner.